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At Glassier Physiotherapy Clinic, we’ve been helping patients recover from injury since 1996. We provide effective physical therapy and ensure complete rehabilitation.


Pelvic Health

Pelvic physiotherapy is an extension of orthopaedic physiotherapy.  Pelvic Physiotherapists have specialized training to address pelvic health difficulties and address concerns related to pelvis.  At your initial visit your pelvic health physiotherapist will take your full medical history, discuss any concerns and difficulties you are experiencing, and complete an objective assessment to help address your pelvic health concerns.


Athletic Therapy

Whether you're a committed athlete looking to train for the next level of competition, recovering from surgery or are just looking to return to your usual level of activity following an injury or setback Gavin Roberts CAT(C) is available for an Athletic Therapy booking!


Custom Made Foot Orthotics – Pedorthic Services

Kimberly Rau and Associates is a group of Canadian Certified Pedorthists based in Kitchener Waterloo who have been providing custom foot orthotics and related foot care products since 1982.We have been working closely with Glassier Physiotherapy since its inception in 1996 and in 2009, joined the clinic onsite to better service the Wingham community.